Friday, August 15, 2008

Timeline by 15th of August at 21:50

Provided data is operational and may be subject to verification.

15 August

21:50 Russian troops continued movement from Khashuri and are in Surami close to Khashuri on central highway.

21:00 Russian troops entered Khashuri about 100kms west from Tbilisi and opened checkpoint. About 10 Tanks are in the city. Eyewitnesses report that they behave very cynically and terrorize civilians pointing guns to them or Tank guns to their cars and houses.

20:00 Russian troops began preparing tranches for armored vehicles and soldiers near the entrance of Senaki.

18:30 9 armored vehicles of Russian Army accompanied by 3 Mi-24 helicopters moved towards Tbilisi. They stopped and opened check point near village Igoeti 20 kms from Tbilisi, Kaspi district.

17:00 Russian troops began withdrawal from Poti. They took with them 8 “Black Shark” boats, 7 A type boats, 2 Coastal Guard vessels. They also took equipment from the buildings of the Coastal Guard in Poti.

16:10 Russian soldiers kidnapped 4 member of Namgalauri family from village Ghogheti of Kareli district. Kidnapers moved towards Znauri.

15:30 Russian helicopters are overflying Bordjomi-Tsemi forests and dropping fire setting engines. There are already from 12 to 15 fire locations. Russian military confirmed of flying helicopters over this territory without further comments.

13:00 One Turkish and two Reuter’s journalists (one of them were Georgian citizen) were detained by Russian soldiers in Poti.

10:30 Near village Sagolasheni, Gori district, vehicle of freelance journalist Margarita Akhvlediani was stopped by South Ossetian separatists. Vehicle was shot. Journalist was robbed of her car, camera and other belongings.

09:30 21 Military Tracks full of Russian military began movement from Senaki towards Poti port.

09:20 71st regiment of 42nd division of 58th Army of Russia moved from Tskhinvalu to Ergneti heading towards Gori.

09:00 Human Rights Watch researchers have uncovered evidence that Russian aircraft dropped cluster bombs (banned by 107 nations) in populated areas in Georgia during the air attacks from 6th of August, killing at least 11 civilians and injuring dozens, Human Rights Watch said today.

08:00 Russian troops consisting of 14 armored vehicle and 4 tracks left Senaki and moved in the direction of the second largest town of Georgia Kutaisi. Currently they are at Abashis Tskali river, 40 kms west from Kutaisi and 10 kms west from Samtredia - the main railway and highway crossroad in western Georgia.