Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alarming Situation in S.Ossetia

According to information of relevant Georgian agencies and institutions, Russian Federation has tremendously increased its military capabilities on the occupied territories of Georgia. During the last week Russian military units increased their military potential in Akhalgori by 5 tanks, 22 armoured vehicle and 23 military trucks. Thus, for the time being only in Akhlagori there are located Russian Federation’s 25 tanks (T-22), 33 armoured vehicle. The number of military personnel reaches more than 400. In addition to this, at the illegal check-points opened in the Akhalgori district, Russian militaries have installed “GRAD” type missile systems.

Furthermore, during the last days Russian military units are trying to enlarge area of their activities. Precisely, October 26, on the main road connecting Dusheti district to Akhalgori one additional illegal check-point has been opened. Moreover, Adjacent territories in Dusheti district were mined.

During the last 10 days in the Ckhinvali region Russian Federation increased the number of its military personnel up to 2000. Part of this military personnel were located alongside the administrative border at the illegal check-points, and part of them inside Ckhinvali.

Also, during the last days S.Ossetian and Abkhazian separatists or groups under their control pass administrative borders with the aim to conduct subversive acts. They also frequently shell Georgian police shells outside the administrative border.

The above-mentioned developments vividly demonstrate that the Russian Federation continuous to violate August 12, 2008 Ceasefire Agreement. Analysis of the data and information the Georgian side possess makes think that the threat of further large-scale military provocation from Russian side is real. Thus, international involvement to stop this provocation has decisive importance.