Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Appeal of the Parliament of Georgia to the population, residing on the territory of the former Autonomous District of South Ossetia

Despite the systematic efforts of the Georgian authorities, by means of the dialogue and the negotiations, to create conditions for the peaceful settlement of the conflict, the separatist regime of Kokoiti and its subordinated illegal armed formations, purposefully were trying to escalate and to tense up the situation. Their recently realized actions shall be definitely assessed as the military aggression against the Georgian state and first of all, against the peaceful population residing on the territory of the former Autonomous District of South Ossetia. The illegal armed formations opened fire to the peaceful population and despite the fact that for the sake of maintenance of peace the Georgian authorities were refraining from opening of response fire, they continued to terrorize of peaceful population and mass bombings.

Based on the above-mentioned, the Georgian authorities have been forced to take all the measures for the protection of peaceful population in the region, cleaning of the territory from the illegal armed formations and creation of necessary conditions for peace, stability and development.

The Parliament of Georgia reiterates the firm will of the Georgian authorities to build unified, democratic state, where will be guaranteed the rights and freedoms of all the persons, regardless of their ethnic origin.

The Parliament of Georgia appeals to the ethnic Ossetian citizens of the region and once more confirms that in the unified Georgian state will be guaranteed full spectrum of their rights and freedoms, in the entire country will be safeguarded their identity and development, they will have all the necessary conditions for realization of cultural, economic, social and political rights.

The Parliament of Georgia appeals to the population of the region to keep calm and to refrain from participation in the military activities, inspired by the illegal armed formations.

The Parliament of Georgia expresses belief that in the nearest future in the region will be restored peace and on the territory of the former Autonomous District of South Ossetia will be created all the conditions for peace, development, stability and dignified life.