Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Declaration of Georgian Government for the Abkhaz People



This year’s events have revealed the imperialistic intentions of Russian political leaders towards the Caucasus.

In order to create the conditions for an invasion disguised as a peaceful mission, Russia has resorted to its classic tactics of plunging the peoples of the Caucasus into conflict with one another.

The events that have unfolded in recent days regretfully have resulted in military conflict in South Ossetia, which has in turn escalated into a full-scale Russian military attack against Georgia. Our sources tell us that Russia also has been attempting to involve the Abkhaz people in their military enterprise. We urge the Abkhaz people and the de-facto leadership to demonstrate wisdom and foresight and avoid being engaged in another humiliating game initiated by Russia to suppress the Caucasus.

Events that are taking place in South Ossetia—where Russian war planes ruthlessly bombed and devastated Tskhinvali while many civilians were still in their homes—have clearly demonstrated that Russia’s declaration of support for the Ossetians is nothing more than a pretext for its aggression against Georgia. As a result of Russia’s invasion, the Ossetian people have suffered enormous losses and the Caucasian people are divided. We believe that participating in Russia’s provocations bears a great risk for minorities in the Caucasus. We have lived side by side for many centuries and we must not let our future depend on Russia’s imperialistic plans.

Georgia is ready for political dialogue based on international guarantees and once more calls on the Abkhaz people not to make a historical mistake by participating in Russia’s provocations. We ask once again that you join us in dialogue and hope that this message of ours brings positive results.