Monday, August 11, 2008

Occupation of Georgia by Invading Russian Forces

The occupation of Georgia by invading forces of the Russian Federation has begun.
Several dozen Russian bombers are in Georgian skies and have been attacking throughout the country over the past several hours.

They are intensively bombing Tbilisi, Poti, villages in Adjara, and elsewhere. Overnight, as many as 50 Russian bombers were reported operating simultaneously over Georgia, targeting civilian populations in cities and villages, as well as radio and telecommunications sites.

In Zugdidi, meanwhile, Russian peacekeepers today demanded that Georgian police surrender their arms.

The fierce aerial assault is taking place a full day after Georgia officially informed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia's unilateral ceasefire and of the withdrawal of Georgian troops from the conflict. The United Nations has confirmed this withdrawal.

The bombardment and occupation of Georgia is taking place while French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Finnish counterpart, Alexander Stubb, are in Tbilisi conducting high-level talks in an effort to end the Russian occupation. The Russian air assault is endangering their lives, as well as those of all residents of Georgia.

The Government of Georgia seeks the urgent and immediate intervention of the international community to stop Russia's invasion and occupation of the democratic European nation of Georgia.