Saturday, August 9, 2008

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

On 9 August 2008 Separatist Government of Abkhazia, Georgia attacked the positions of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Georgia in Upper Abkhazia.

According to the Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the Separatist Government, this act was carried out on the request of the MFA of the Russian Federation and was aimed at breaking up the Georgian armed forces.

Moreover, as it was stated by the MFA of Georgia today, the Russian Federation advanced naval warships towards Abkhazia. The colligation of these two facts makes clear the reasons for bombing the port of Poti, military base and railroad station in Senaki by the Russian federation.

By analyzing the given facts we can conclude that a well-planned and coordinated military intervention is undertaken against Georgia the aim of which is breaching the statehood of the country. Who is the organizer and inspirer of this aggression is an open secret for everybody today.

It is very symptomatic that as a result of the recent Russian internal and external politics the only partners they have are immoral separatist governments.

Tbilisi, 9 August 2008