Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fact Sheet of Georgian Ethnic Cleansing by Russian Troops

August 13

14:45 Journalists reported that they witnessed Russian militaries stopping a bus going from Gori to Chiatura. The passangers were robbed and a 25 years old woman was kidnapped. (source: 893232375)

13:05 Russian military forces intruded in Tzalenjikha district village Fakhulidan.

13:00 Village Atoci of Kareli district is occupied by Russians and Kazaks. They are raping women and killing men. They are also shooting civilians towards Gori district.

12:42 Ts. Lomjaria from the President’s office reported that civilians are escaping from Gori to village Ateni who are followed by Russian troops. Civilians are asking for help.

12:40 A Georgian citizen Koba Kebadze called 022, reporting that 25 Georgian civilians were taken as hostages from village Tkviavi. Four of them could escape from them as the bus crashed on their way to destination. (source: koba qebaZe 898 40 16 89).

12:30 Iinga gelasvils (899 988355) was contacted from the number: 79280748570. She was informed that her husband and father in law along with other Georgians are taken as hostages in Tskhinvali and are demanding to exchange them.

11:20 The military bases and residential apartments near it are set on fire in Gori.

11:50 Georgian civilians from Gori are constantly calling reporting that they are being attacked and assaulted and are asking for immediate help.

10:23 About 50 heavy artillery units have intruded into Gori. The local policy has been evacuated and the Georgian civilians are being assaulted. They are asking for help.

09:12 Four civilian cars with murdered passengers are reported to have been seen in the village of Tedotsminda, Gori district.

08:40 In village Udotzminda, on the Variani road, four destroyed cars were found, in which people are slaughtered. (source: 890333437)

08:40 Village Ruisi back surrounding area was bombed. (source: 893273334)

08:00 The village of Karaleti, Gori district has been attacked by Ossetian separatists again. The cases of physical assaults and abuses of the local residents are being reported.

06:50 Village Sakasheti of Gori district was shelled.

01.05 According to the information from the local civilian sources, Ossetian separatists are taking hostage Georgian residents of villages Nikozi, Dzveri, Tkviavi, Karaleti (north of Gori).
Population of village Berbuki, Gori District is gathered on the road, asking to be evacuated.

00:56 In Gori district villages: Niqozi, Dzevera, Tkhviavi and Karaleti Ossetians take Georgian hostages, according to source: leila pataSvili 899 964504

August 12

21:50 Along with Russian peacekeepers about one hundred Abkhazs have intruded in Ganmukhuri, where they continuously rob civilians.

21:45 City hall operator # 16 Inga Tziklauri called and reported that she received a phone call from a refugee Lomauri from the conflict region, who is staying at the relative’s house (63 59 82). Lomauri reported her that Gori district villages: Kordo, Arbo, Mereti, and Ditsi are being threatened by Ossetian armed forces. According to Inga Tziklauri (22:20), civilians from the above stated villages call her and desperately ask for help.

21:35 Alarming reports come from the villages of Argo and Ditsi north of Gori. According to the information from the local sources, Ossetian separatists are brutally massacring Georgian population of these villages.

According to the local sources, Georgian population of villages Kordi and Mereti, Gori district, is being brutally assaulted and abused by Ossetian separatists.

In Tchilisubani, Gori district, the local residents are hiding in the basements of their houses, asking to be evacuated.

21:35 Ossetian forming bands attack and assault Georgian civilians in village Tkviavi of Gori district. One murder has already been reported.

Ossetian forming bands attack, physically assault, and kill Georgian civilians in villages Ditsi and Argo of Gori district.

21:30 Military Police Department Assistant to the person on duty Sergeant Chkhikvishvili received a phone call from citizen Neli Balamtzarashvili (address: # 3 Mirtskhulava street, Tbilisi. Tel: 34 38 95). She notified the department that armed Ossetians threaten and terror civilians in village Ditsi.

21:20 Ossetians massacre all local Georgian inhabitants in village Arbo of Gori district. (source: 858343591)

21:04 Ethnically Georgian Gela Chixladze was murdered in village Tyviavi of Gori district.

21:00 A citizen of Georgia, Natia Pavliashvili (899 50 86 49) called the military headquarters. According to her, Vazha Gugutishvili’s family who are trapped in village Disevi reported her that Russian – Ossetian troops intruded in Disevi and started setting houses on fire one by one.

18:30 Ossetians intruded into village Disevi of Gori district, where they attack civilians and set houses on fire.

16:36 Ossetians attacked civilians and set houses on fire in village Karaleti of Gori district. Houses are burning down.

16:07 Russians rob the houses of Senaki military base officers. They mainly take away electronic devices.

15:28 A shell was dropped near village Agara. It exploded a minibus. Civilians were wounded and killed.

14:50 Village Sakoritno in Kaspi district and village Ruisi in Kareli district are bombed by Russian aviation forces.

14:20 A bomb was dropped on the house of Mamikashvili, inhabitant of village Tortiza, Gori district.

14:00 An ambulance vehicle was bombarded Russian military jets village Agara of Khashuri district.

13:25 Three Russian airplanes dropped bombs on the village of Orchosani near Gori.

11:03 Three Russian airplanes were identified in the airspace of Gori. They shelled the city hall and the central market of Gori. As a result houses were set on fire.

11:00 Village Tkviavi of Gori district was bombed. Buildings and houses were destroyed.

August 11

18:25 Ossetian separatists took Georgian hostages form village Beloti (near Eredvi) of Gori district. Hostages are shut up in a monastery yard.

18:10 Russian army intruded into village Shindisi, Gori district. Georgian civilians and militaries are escaping from the village.

17:50 Russian military airplane SU-24 bombed village Tkviavi of Gori district. Three houses were burned down and civilians were killed.

17:35 Russian military airplane SU-24 bombed village Kere of Gori district. One civilian is killed and one is heavily wounded.

10:00 Village of Eredvi came under the fire of Russian artillery.

05:00 Shiraki airfield in Dedoplistskaro District on the east of the country is bombed by Russian jets. Runways were destroyed.

03:05 Villages of Sharabidzeebi, Kapandichi, Makho near Batumi are bombed by Russian planes. Graveyard and villagers’ backyard have been hit. No casualties reported.

August 8 – 11

Chkhalta, administrative center of Upper Abkhazia was bombarded numerous time as result of this nearly all buildings in Ckhalta is destroyed.

August 8-11, 2008 Gori was bombarded numerous time as result 8 apartment blocks were destroyed living about 500 families without house. 15 civilians died, tens more are wounded. About 8 000 IDPs left Gori. About 4000 houses are totally destroyed in the villages of Gori district. Besides, this the hospital of Gori was destroyed.