Thursday, August 14, 2008

Russian occupation forces violate the ceasefire again

On 14 August 2008 Russian occupation forces once again violated the ceasefire agreement and did not let Georgian police units into the town of Gori.

According to the available information, armoured vehicles have been introduced into Gori again and the town is being mined. Peaceful citizens of Georgia and foreign journalists trapped in Gori face a real threat, as Russian servicemen do not let them out of the town. Several buildings in the town are burning. Real humanitarian catastrophe is looming as a result of Russian aggression.

Furthermore, Russian occupation forces returned to Senaki and Poti. They are looting Senaki military base and Poti military port, destroying the property of the Georgian state.

Such actions of Russian invaders once again point to the urgent necessity of the international community’s interference in order to stop Russian military aggression in Georgia.