Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moscow chooses ethnic cleansing

We would like to focus the international community’s attention on the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding on the territories occupied by the Russian armed forces.

There has been no decline in ethnically based mass robbery, persecution and slaughter of people on the Russian-occupied territories. As a consequence, ethnic Georgians are forced to flee their homes and seek shelter in the cities under the control of the Georgian Authorities. An added complication is the fact that Russian servicemen deny representatives of the international humanitarian organizations and mass media access to the territories still remaining under their control.

Apart from servicemen, urgent involvement of subdivisions of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the ethnic cleansing process provides evidence that we are faced with a crime that has been planned previously and then carried out in keeping with this plan. One of the goals of the Russian-claimed ‘peace operation’ was to make hostage over 200 thousand ethnic Georgians.

Moscow has decisively chosen ethnic cleansing as an instrument for achieving its own political aims.