Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Q&A: Georgia's withdrawal from CIS

Question: How would you assess the comment of spokesperson A. Nesterenko of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to a question of Itar-Tass correspondent regarding President Saakashvili’s statement on Georgia’s withdrawal from CIS?

Answer: It is a sovereign right of each country to make a decision on its membership in any international organization. CIS as an international organization failed to meet Georgia’s expectations in terms of regulation of the conflicts as well as resolution of political and economic issues.

Mr. Nesterenko is apparently mistaken describing the decision on withdrawal from CIS as a hasty one. Georgia has long been preparing for taking this step. A special governmental commission was set up 2 years ago to study this issue.

Against the background of the Russian Federation waging an undeclared war in Georgia, Georgia considers as absolutely unacceptable its membership in the organization, which was established under the dictates and leadership of Russia.

Mr. Nesterenko claims that he is concerned about the fate of Georgia’s multinational population. Such statement by the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry is absolutely immoral. The whole world has been a witness to Russia’s ‘care’ for Georgia, manifested in the bombardment of civilian targets and genocide of the population.