Thursday, August 14, 2008

Timeline by 14th of August 19:35

14 August

19:35 German television ZDF journalist reported that they were eyewitnesses how Danish journalists were robbed of their car and cameras by South Ossetian separatists.

19:10 Russian army deployed additional troops to Zugdidi and began strengthening checkpoints and positions around and in the town.

18:30 Acts of atrocities and looting were reported from village Dzevera, Kareli district. Lootings by soldiers were reported from the ground. Reports on the looting of cultural and religious monuments and centers were reported (work is ongoing to confirm these initial reports).

18:15 Russian troops entered village Agara in Kareli district. Lootings are reported from the ground.

18:10 Russian General Viacheslav Borisov refused to assume responsibility for lives of the journalists in Gori.

17:30 120 Estonian reservists arrive in Tbilisi to take part in Humanitarian aid.

17:00 Georgian journalist of GPB TV Company Tamar Urushadze was shot presumably by sniper in live broadcast near Gori. Journalist was slightly wounded in the hand.

16:30 The villages Brotsleti, Mejvriskhevi, Gorijvari of Gori district, and Breti of Kareli district are being ravaged by South Ossetian separatists.

16:00 Four Israeli journalists, including Haaretz correspondent Anshel Pfeffer and photographer Nir Kafri, were robbed at gunpoint by Russian soldiers in the Georgian city of Gori.

15:40 Russian soldiers robbed Georgian policemen of their car nearby village Tokhlaura, Kareli district.

15:30 Russian troops are marauding in the village Debisi of Gori district.

14:40 Local residents report, Russian troops have entered village Mejvriskhevi, Gori district.

14:15 Russian troops enter the villages of Ruisi and Tsveri, Kareli district.

14:00 Russian troops are entering Gori again. Georgian police have no control over the city.

12:00 Russian troops entered Poti port again. They occupied building of Coastal Guard. They are destroying vessels of Costal Guard of Georgia.

12:00 Additional Russian troops entered Zugdidi. Russians remain present in Senaki as well. Russian troops still block the entrances to Gori and there is no sign of leaving their positions as agreed before.

11:00 Russian troops are moving in the city of Senaki West of the capital Tbilisi 230 kms, destroying Georgian military installations.