Saturday, August 16, 2008

Timeline by 16th of August, 21:15

Provided data is operational and may be subject to verification.

16 August

21:15 About 60 Russian military cars have been deployed at the entrance of town Akhalgori 40 km north-west of Tbilisi.

20:00 According to the reports from Akhalgori district, Russian troops have started proposing Russian passports to the local population.

19:30 The houses in village Gamdlistskaro, Kaspi district are being put to fire by Russian soldiers.

18:30 Russian aviation has dropped fire setting engines in the area of the town of Surami, Khashuri district. The forests around Surami are burning.

18:20 Russian troops have entered the town of Akhalgori – center of the Akhalgori district.

16:00 Russian military denies Turkish and Ukranian airplanes permission to enter Georgian airspace in order to take part in putting down the fires in the Borjomi district forests. The fires started as a result of dropping of fire setting engines in the area by Russian aviation

14:40 Numerous fires have been noticed in the town of Kaspi and surrounding villages after Russian aviation dropped fire setting engines in the area.

14:40 Russian paramilitaries (so called Cossacks) have entered the town of Kharagauli 50 Km from Kutaisi.

14:30 Eight units of Russian armored troops have started movement from Khashuri district towards the town of Sachkhere.

13:20 Russian troops have started moving from Igoeti, Kaspi district towards Gori.

13:00 Two Russian trucks with soldiers have moved through the Rikoti tunnel to the village Khevi, Kharagauli district.

12:30 The traffic on Khashuri-Borjomi highway has been stopped by the Georgian authorities due to security concerns as a result of the Russian troops movements.

12:30 Grakali Railroad Bridge in Kaspi district has been blown up by Russian troops.

12:30 Russian troops fired from an artillery gun in Uplistsikhe. The shell exploded in the river.

10:45 Three Russian tanks are stationed in Kaspi and two in Igoeti.

10:30 Russian aviation has dropped fire setting engines near the village of Khandaki, Kaspi district. The forest near the village is burning.

10:30 Russian aviation has dropped unidentified devices to the vine factory in village Okami, Kaspi district.

10:15 Ten tanks from Igoeti headed towards Khashuri and seven to Znauri.

10:15 The Russians, who left the port of Poti yesterday, have returned with four armored personnel carrier, one crane, 10 army trucks (8 Ural, 2 Kamaz) and one army vehicle.

08:47 – The battalion has stopped in the village Karaleti. The group is composed of lots of armored personnel carriers, tanks, army trucks and engineer unit. The staff meeting is taking place. The general joined later arriving by helicopter.

08:26 – General Alarm was declared in 71st Tank Battalion of the Russian army, stationed in Tskhinvali. The Battalion is now heading towards Gori. As of now, they are in the village of Karaleti.

00:30 The cases of looting and abuse of local civilians committed by separatists in Russian occupied villages of Abisi, Koda, Ptsa – Kareli district have been reported.