Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video footage of exploded bridge

Officials of the Russian Authorities continue their attempts to mislead the international community.

As noted in the previous statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia of 16 August 2008, troops of the Russian occupation army carried out yet another subversive-terrorist act - they mined and exploded the Metekhi-Grakali span of the railway bridge in the Kaspi district, which resulted in the severing of railway links between the east and west of Georgia.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Anatoly Nogovitsyn denied the fact of bridge blast and said: "I state with fully responsibility – it is ruled out."

With respect to this statement of Anatoly Nogovitsyn, every organization or physical person concerned may check the website (, for video footage of the exploded bridge.

We are confident the international community assesses adequately the reliability of ‘data’ disseminated by Russian officials concerning the developments throughout the Georgian territory – both in and outside the conflict zone.